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Troubleshooting nutrients problem with me! Hydroponic grow

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    HELP! Troubleshooting nutrients problem with me! Hydroponic grow

    I'm beginning to notice some yellowing in the vein areas on some of my new growth. My plant is about 30 days old and is being grown in a hydroponic setup. Temperature is 80 degrees with humidity hanging out around 58%. Using general hydroponics nutrients at half strength currently. Under LED lights 20 / 4. I've really have had to struggle to get my pH steady. I'm using hard well water but it seems like I'm experiencing a lot of fluctuations despite a high PPM. Can anyone help me identify what's happening with this plant?
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    nothing to worry about, new growth is always a bit yellower, specially with strong light levels and when the plant is growing fast. you have to wait a couple of days to see if the color gets better as the leaf develops. right now its barely forming. besides all the other leaves in the pic look perfect. tell me more about the ph. how hard is your water? i dont use reservoirs but someone posted this pic in another thread and i saved it for the hydro guys
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      Thank you, 9fingerleaves! That makes me feel a little better. It seems like I have been running into problems every week or so! I actually have one plant that I started at the same time as this guy who have pretty much given up on. It has not grown since it was about 10 days old! It looks absolutely horrible even though I continue to try to adjust pH and tend to it. I'm just letting it run its course right now just to see what will happen! I'll attach a picture of him with this post. It's pretty sad!

      Regarding my water, it's from our own well. We had a comprehensive test ran a few years ago and here are some of the numbers:
      ph 7
      hardness 332
      tds 250
      calcium 84
      magnesium 30
      potassium 5
      sulfate 53
      sodium 7
      chloride 19
      copper .01
      manganese .17
      Zinc .01
      iron .28
      electrical conductivity .49

      To be very forthright, I have no idea about the electrical conductivity levels that I have been seeing referencing and my research. I do not have a means for testing them and have just been testing ph. The only nutrition that I have been adding have been the Hydroponics Trio. I have not added any additional calcium or magnesium.

      anyhow, I'll attach a photo of my really sad and sick plant!
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        well 250ppms its ok to use. and what happens to the ph after some time? EC and ppms measure the same thing using different units. dont mind them for now. that second plant looks very bad. i would get rid of it and start a new plant. for the first plant i would just wait and have her under constant examination to make sure its only the new growth thats yellow

      Ok. That's good to know! Well I usually have to add pH down after I add my nutes. I usually let the nutrients settle for about an hour before testing and then add the pH Down. Within a day or so my pH has usually crept up to at least a seven and a half. I've added more pH Down to the reservoir and it seems like it doesn't stay very steady moving between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2. I haven't added any up or down in a few days and today my ph seemed low, maybe 5-5.5? Seems so strange that it jumps around le it does.

      and yes, I will probably dump him and start another. They're both autos so the light schedule should work. This is my first grow.. it's harder than I thought! Here's a picture of the entire first plant. Had some problems with yellow leaf tips last week but that seems to have ceased for now!
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        im going to let some of the hydro growers pitch in because i have no experience with reservoirs. im guessing it may have to do with the air pump, are you letting it on 24/7? or you have it on a timer? i think an air pump running all the time rises the ph due to the dissolved oxygen

      I appreciate your help this far! Yes, I do have the pump on 24/7. from my research I have learned that it is imperative that the pump remains on all the time in order to keep the roots oxygenated. They will drown if it is not left on! However you are correct that the oxygenated water will raise the ph. I always take a sample and let it sit for at least an hour before running my test on the water as it can read higher than it is if it's taken directly from the oxygenated Reservoir! So much to learn! Thanks for your help!


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