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CFLs or LED for seedlings

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    CFLs or LED for seedlings

    I’m sure this has been covered several times before, but unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out the best way to search topics.

    So I’m about to start my second grow and am wondering- is it better to use CFLs during the seedling stage, or use the “veg” setting on my LED?
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    Here's what I do. I begin seedling under CFLs for about 2wks till they get first set of leaves. Then I will place them at bottom of tent approx. 40" from my 450 vipar off to the side till I see what it does to the leaf tissues if it's OK i'll move them into the center of light still on the floor and will use "veg" setting only till they get 2nd set of nodes this all takes place over approx. a month since seed sprouted. I will only use the veg cycle till 2-3 leaf nodes. Then it's transplant and both lights on veg&bloom. I may not be a risky as others with the heights of lights, but i'm old and slowed down LOL
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    1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector for clone station. And 2 viparspectar 450r for veg. lights do to poor build with drivers bloom lights go out so no flowering.


      I started off with CFL's but had too many seeds to germinate and not enough lights. My tent LED's are usually on veg/bloom all the time or their on 12/12 so i cant mess with them. i went and bought a 45w LED grow light and use it all the time. Gives off a little warmth and l can keep seedlings about 2" away without any issues. I have 6 seedlings under it right now. I'v also used it to keep clones in a semi dormant stage.
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        Like SoOrbudgal
        ​​I love using CFL’s for the first 3 weeks. I use 5 100w equivalents at 6500k color temp and keep them about 2-3” above. Imagine 12 solo cups in a round serving tray and a 5 way splitter hanging above it all.. whenever I tried eliminating the CFL’s as a first front, the plants get tall and spindly stretching for light...too close and they don’t do 1/3 as well. With CFL’s mine stay short and squat and get very strong before they jump forward under the led once they’re established. With such repeatable success, I won’t ever change that routine. Thanks you DASS69
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