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Correct way of growing for breeding

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    Correct way of growing for breeding

    I have not seen here or elsewhere, a post about how to grow plants for reproduction between phenos!! Any advance grower that wants to share some insight on this topic? the pic is my grow 5 wk flower

    Lookin good!
    If you're using 2 distinct strains & not F1 crosses you should get a nice cross but if you breed those to themselves or another cross you'll get a wild mix of phenoms in the F2 generation & a lot of them will be weak.


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      i agree, in the F2 you will find the widest range of phenos, some weak but some will be even better at something than the parents, for example if you cross a purple strain with a strong strain, in the f1 you will find plants that are kinda purple and kinda strong, but if you select a couple of those and cross them again then you can find a pheno more purple than the original parent or stronger than the original parent or even both

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      Exactly right & If you continue to breed best to best you'll end up with a new consistent & stable strain.

    I like to create my own and for that I try to start with regular (not fem) landrace strains as they are stable. Whatever you chose you will be selecting genetics to continue with, 1/4 (25/75) 1/4 (75/25) 1/2 (50/50). If you get one that is fantastic, has the desired phenos, clone it! As said using hybrids can give results all over the place as all the background genetics are in play.
    Have fun and good luck!


      for those interested ive got this pics to help visualize why the F2 are so important when creating a new poly hybrid, in order to be able to inbreed down to certain traits and characteristics without loosing vigor you have to keep two separate lines from the f2s. this way you get the stability and vigor of "f1" using two very inbreed lines; one for male and one for female
      Click image for larger version

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