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    HELP! Very sickly plant

    Hi there! I'm currently growing two plants in a Hydroponics set-up. They are both autos and at about 26 days from germination. The one is healthy and growing beautifully but the other seems to be stunted and sickly. I've pretty much accepted the fact that Harvest will be lousy but I'm wondering if I should start a new seed at this point or just continue trying to make this plant healthy? Is it even worth trying to save at this point?

    In regards to its health, I have tried adjusting the pH and flushing but it's refusing to come around. It is currently under a 300w LED light, in average 79° temperature with humidity staying right around 60. I'm using very hard well water and nutrients from General Hydroponics at about half the suggested rate.

    This is my first grow so I'm curious if I would get into too much trouble with starting an auto with its companion plant 30 days ahead?
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    In comparison, here's my healthy plant. I'm LST her and she's spreading out everywhere!
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