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Platinum zkittlez plant size question

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    Platinum zkittlez plant size question

    I’m just starting platinum zkittlez, a new strain to me. I can’t find much about it online. Has anyone grown this and can you tell me whether they tend to be S/M/L plants? They have 4-5 nodes and have just been pinched and seem pretty tall for an indica dominant hybrid.

    4x4x8 Gorilla original grow tent
    Viparspectra TC1350 light
    (timer/spectrum control)
    Hydrofarm JetFan 6” mixed flow 350CFM FAN
    Vortex Pro lite 6” x 16” 400CFM carbon filter
    2 Vivosun oscillating pole fans
    Century 2 outlet digital timer for pole fans
    5 gal nursery pots
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farm nutrient trio

    I would say go back to the seller and ask them, what I find on this "strain" is all over the place, including what its made from,,,,


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      I got them at a local dispensary and they really don’t have much info on them either. It’s a Don’t bug us with any questions kind of place.

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