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  • 5Chord
    commented on 's reply
    At the very least , I'll make hash from the trim and sqish that! More likely I'll squish some bud as well. I'm sure there are many strains that yield more rosin than others but I got the WW seeds before fell down the rosin rabbit hole. Be sure my next seed purchace will be influenced by high yielding rosin strains

  • Farmall
    So now, is this a future squish? Are there strains that squish better than others? Not to change the point. Growth looks really good, lush and green.

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  • 5Chord
    started a topic White Widow DWC Grow

    White Widow DWC Grow

    This took a while to get started because I literaly had to email the seed company asking what strain I ordered last. Turns out it was White Widow Feminized! Yay!

    Strain: White Widow Fem
    Grow Method: DWC Hydro
    Lighting: 600w HID (MH or Veg and HPS for bloom)
    Nutes: Technoflora Grow, Bloom and Boost.
    Other Products: Hydroguard for healthy roots and Mite Massacre for pest control.

    I popped three seeds on 12/15 and put them in the buckets 4 days later on 12/19 when they were just 3 inches. I set the the MH lamp at 50% for a week and then full blast.

    The one on the left is deinitely not robust as the other two, but it's still early and I'll have to watch her.

    While I usually SCROG, I am going to just go with topping and LST to hopefully keep these girls in check. I also just flipped the lights to 12/12 just shy of one month in Veg to keep the height down. One thing I have consistently done wrong is to veg too long and end up with an unhealthy plant that foxtails and covered in bleached and burned bud
    Click image for larger version

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