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  • 9fingerleafs
    the color fading doesnt seem like something to worry about in late flowering, specially if you are flushing. about the seed, its the other way around, buds are made from calyxes, and they have inside the pistils, those pistils are connected to the female egg inside the calyx, when pollen touches the pistils, they carry the genetic information down to the egg and the seed formation starts. all seeds develop with the pistil attached for some time, it looks like the pollination in you plant occurred very early in flowering so the bud grew around it

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  • jtcn1965
    started a topic 1 plant with issues

    1 plant with issues

    Hello all,
    I have 1 plant that has something going on? The others are fine and I feed all at the same time. I've made sure my PH is consistent between 5.8 and 6. My other find on one plant is something I've never seen happen? I have a seed growing with a hair coming from it. It's the only seed I can see and the hairs on this girl are unbelievable.

    Bag seeds, 2 are from 20+ years ago

    32"x48"×82" Mylar Grow tent
    400w Super MH for vegetation
    600w Super HPS for flowering

    Medium - Coco
    3 Gallon fabric pots
    Mo'Koko Grow for vegetation
    Mo'Koko Bloom for flowering
    Supermax B1
    All Optimum products

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