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Grow tent air exchange question(s)

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    Grow tent air exchange question(s)

    I got a spare bedroom and about to give this another shot. First grow 10 years ago I wasn’t so successful. Before I order everything I need to get a few straight answers.
    I will be growing in a 3x3 tent in this bedroom. LED not sure what size light yet.
    The air intake coming in the tent, does it have to be fresh outside air or the air in my household have sufficient CO2 levels for good healthy growth? Cold winters around here so outside intake air is very cold, can’t blow freezing air on the plants. How do you solve that problem?

    Does a carbon air filter work good enough where the exhaust from the tent can just be blown back into the room?
    Odor control is very important
    Basically, I am trying to avoid any vents leading to outdoors for stealth reasons but if I have to I will. I just see all these YouTube videos but not sure if all these guys use inside air only complete cycle intake to exhaust.

    Perhaps just a fish tank air pump getting some fresh air is enough.

    If there absolutely needs to be any air exchange between the tent and outside bypassing the bedroom the I have much more work ahead of me.

    What’s my best route?

    Thanks much.

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    You don't have to draw in outside air for your tent, you can just let it suck in from the room. BUT if you end up venting outside, you will have an amazing amount of heat loss from your house unless you draw in outside air.

    A fish tank air blower is definitely not enough to move air through your tent. How droll.

    A 3x3 tent will want at least a 4 inch inline fan sucking hot air from your future 300-500 (actual) watt grow light, even an LED that big will get warm, but sticking with LED with limit your heat load and reduce your ventilation requirement.

    But don't forget you have to ventilate for humidity when your tent full of flowering bush is drinking and transpiring several gallons of water out of its leaves every day.

    I think if you can ventilate to outside without detection, you would be far better off than trying to hide that smell within your house. Every day. For months. Every time you grow.
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      i agree on your post, on the humidity note..dehumidifier works well and you save your heat, it actually adds some and in my climate its a plus

    Happydude420, My first grow was in my garage in a tent. Fan/filter was inside tent venting air out...didn't work very good, could still smell a grow op coming from my yard lol. Moved my second grow into my basement so i got a 6" fan with an X-large filter, and put the fan/filter system outside of my tent. As long as i maintain negative pressure in the tent, you dont smell a thing..and its venting back into the same room as my tent. BUT! If i have to open the tent up to water or anything...there's no getting around it..i got a weed farm down
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    4" Vivosun fan/filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
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    Lost Coast Plant Therapy(WPM, Thrips,Mites,Aphids etc)

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