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    HELP! Power loss problems

    How catastrophic would it be for a few plants in the final weeks of flower to lose power to the tent for a period of about 12+ hours. Re-mold. Perhaps longer power loss. Lets say it has been very rainy and damp. Tent temp near the open flap bottom for ventilation is 63f / 17c with 71% r h. House screens open but air is chilly with minimal movement.

    This has happened here and there was no problems. Once the lights are back on, the heat of the lamps will help dry out the air a bit as well


      I lost power for a week late in flower, and I just opened the curtain during the day, and closed up the grow box after 12 hours to preserve complete darkness. The plants were fine, and didn't seem to mind the "grey autumnal" weather.
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