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more in smaller pots vs less in larger pots?

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    more in smaller pots vs less in larger pots?

    i am curious on opinions regarding growing say 12 indica strain plants in 3 gal pots vs 4 plants in 5 gal pots and maybe even 18 plants in 2 gals?
    same yield? more watering in smaller i would expect.
    what say ye?

    i personally like the 5 and 7 gal pots, the difference between the two is just two inches on the diameter and two inches in height, meaning you can fit more less the same ammount of 7 gal or 5 gal in a certain space. now the same thing goes for the 3 gal and the 5 gal, just a couple of inches make a whole lot of difference in soil volume but not much difference on surface area usage. i think if you can fit 12 plants in 3 gal pots you can fit 12 plants in 5 gal in the same area, or at the very least 9


      I’m currently running 7 (soon to be 9) different plants in my 3x3. They’re in 3-gallon fabric pots. Too soon to give you much feedback, except to say watering more plants is obnoxious and I’d rather have fewer plants than more (down to about 4... I always want to have a few strains going).
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        @dannibinoid are you thinking also same strain or several different? I've done plenty photos in 3gal fabric did just fine but maybe only 4 in my old 3x3. Helps to know what the breeder says how they grow. Indica generally smaller but need to train LST or very least top. How bigs you tent? Plastic container may not do well in crowded floor I would go fabric all the way for aeration. Are you going to grow autos or photo?
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        • dannabinoid
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          thanks for your responses, my interest is in yield differences...

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