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Veg plant that smells...

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    HELP! Veg plant that smells...

    One last GG#4 And my tent smells like fish..????
    lights 18/6
    just finished growing three of the same plant. No issues. Beautiful smelling buds.

    wtf is going on?

    Just guessing, wet souring soil??
    I had a mouse dig into one of my pots, I caved in its hole and flooded it, smell was bad for a few days,,,,


    • Jjpaul
      Jjpaul commented
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      Souring soil? Possibly. I didn’t thing about my soil. The plant it self smells fine. Anyone know what I should do? Flush?

    I know this may be a dumb question but are you using any organinc nutes esp ones with fish meal or fish shit?? God i hope it's not a mouse!! I had never considered a mouse to be a soil pest!


    • Rwise
      Rwise commented
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      free organic fertilizer! The plant luved it!

    spill any ferts. anywhere?


      You might want to play close attention to the plant because if it is soil going sour, they will begin to react to that. If there not too big, take a few cups of soil out and set it aside for an hour and then smell it elsewhere to see if it could be a soil problem


        Agreed! How about some pictures, and info on your soil, fertilizers etc. BTW geo data is stripped from uploads here,,,


        • Farmall
          Farmall commented
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          That Geodata thing was a great thing by the way.... some of my older photos actually have longitude and latitude of any place I’d been to to take a picture.... even ones sent to me by friends on vacation ...IN HAWAII !!! Names of roads, highways, ...freaky.

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