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Leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy

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    SOIL Leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy

    Plants in soil. Leaves have pale spots on them like the plant is feeding on itself. You can see light through these spots. I've pulled as many as I can off the plant. The other two plants have similar issues but not as bad. Oh and I brought these in from a fellow vet who no longer can grow.

    Any ideas?

    Have you checked for bugs?


    • imjrnokc
      imjrnokc commented
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      Yes. Didn't find any on leaves or stems/ stalk.

    • SirSmksAlot
      SirSmksAlot commented
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      Are your plants still in veg?

    Grab a white piece of paper and put it under the plants and shake the plant whatever bug is eating your leafs will drop on the white paper for you to identify. Looks like thrips damage to me. Do that and check back in.


      Tried that nothing came off the plant.


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