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Spots and curling of leaves

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    HELP! Spots and curling of leaves

    This is my first grow and just needed a little advice on some brown? Spots on the leaves of one of my plants (one or two others have spots but not as bad) I'm doing a RDWC system using general hydroponics nutrients. These spots started appearing before I gave them any nutrients at all. They started appearing just before I out them into the rdwc system for the first week I just used calmag at Quarter strength recommended and no real change, week 2 I used Quarter strength of my nutes to the feeding schedule recommended but the spots keep coming. Am I right in thinking it could be a calcium deficiency? I don't want to add anymore calmag to my system until I'm ready for a water change. Just looking for any advice/opinions of what it could be, what I could be doing wrong etc

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