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    canopy pics

    Hello all,
    I recently (2 weeks ago) transplanted all my girls from 1 gal Grower’s Soil (coco/peat/perlite mix) to 3 gal Plagron Coco + 30-40% perlite mix. Here are the stats/issues:

    1.) pH 6.0
    2.) nutrients: Mills
    3.) 350-450ppm
    4.) watering Every-other-day
    5.) using Tap Water
    —- with exception of last watering as I watered again the very next day this week (Tues/Wed)
    6.) previously had Thrip infestation that has been neutralized for about 2.5 weeks.

    1.) (prior to transplanting into 3gal coco) Previously had nitrogen toxicity which caused the top leaves to start clawing and deforming (3ish weeks ago)
    2.) The nitrogen toxicity caused some secondary deficiencies causing some random leaves to yellow and get blotchy. (3ish weeks ago)
    —— caused by Amino additives IMO that I added from NPK industries.
    —— flushed for two waterings with pH’d water then continued regular 400ppm feed
    3.) after transplanting from Coco/peat to Coco perlite the growth exploded
    4.) still having some downward clawing (Main issue) and I’m unsure if it’s recovered or I’m overwatering, underwatering or need to cut back on N somehow.

    things are looking ok but I’m not sure if this is overwatering, nute issues/root issues. I don’t have any burn.

    Leaves are clawing and I’m not sure what the issue is or if I have one at all and they’re just recovering. Should I still be watering EoD or daily? A little concerned as I’m transitioning my entire grow to Coco based.

    Originally posted by HypnoticJud View Post
    4.) watering Every-other-day
    This is your problem most likely. It could in turn cause ph or root issues. Water your plants when they need them not on a schedule. If i had a dollar for every time i've said that...Let them dry out and let the pots get light THEN feed them. I feed every time i water and water to 15-20% runoff. Then i wait until the pots are light to pick up and then i feed again. That can be a week in early veg or 2 -3 days in flower.You are over watering for sure.


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