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Help Spotting and twisting on seedlings

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    HELP! Help Spotting and twisting on seedlings

    Hi everyone I'm curious if anyone knows what's going on with these 2 seedlings. There gorilla glue autos from fast bud. I'm growing 2 other strains and there looking fine in the same medium and grow environment. This is a kind soil grow topped with coco loco. I'm watering with plain phd water at 6.8 and light strength is at 250 umols. Temps are at 77 day time with 50 percent humidity. thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    Could be genetic. Thats my bet. It could also be TMV but seeing as it is happening only with a specific strain im betting on just a genetic thing and it will grow out of it.


      Thanks Tersky. Thats what I was thinking since all others are doing well. Just really wasnt sure since this is only my 3rd grow and first with supersoil.


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        I'd just keep an eye out for any worsening symptoms. I've had a couple plants that started out a little funky or had weird growth but they turned out to be fine plants. All good man!

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