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Yellowing edges after flipping - hungry or overfed?

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    HELP! Yellowing edges after flipping - hungry or overfed?

    honestly can't tell if its a burn or she's hungry (this time round it is LSD from Barney's topped, lst and schwazzed)

    this happens a lot with my grows, mostly every time i flip to 12/12. as with the pics, it is only at a certain stage/strata of growth
    It looks like a cal/mag deficiency to me. Should I be bumping this up just before and during the 2 weeks after flip???
    I add cal/mag at the suggested 1ml/l all the way through. Canna A+B + PK 13/14 as per canna's schedule

    Coir in autopots ( using Canna A+B, Flairform CMX. pH @5.5-5.8 in veg, 5.8-6.4 in flower
    Sunny crx 1500w (nominal - 270W measured draw) LED, 0.6x0.6x1.8m tent.
    Air circ. Temp and RH always kept within the mighty Miss Nebula's guidelines. I'd be lost without this site and her tutorials...

    Hello babycthulu
    This isn't a cal mag problem this is a potassium deficiency.
    how do you feed your plants? Every watering? Every other watering?
    Is that canna stuff that PH perfect crap?

    Weed Pharma Cannabis puberty strikes again


    • babycthulu
      babycthulu commented
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      awesome - thanks for responding
      I feed them via a reservoir. The autopot is a gravity feed to a tray system (a float valve regulates the level in the tray) so it's kinda like a hydro system.
      Just regular Canna a+b which i then have to pH adjust. I mix ~8l at a time and monitor it's pH
      Nearly out of canna nutes, so will be trialing something else next round...

    • Mr.furley
      Mr.furley commented
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      I have seen those autopots but haven't used them, they look cool. Glad to help and good luck.

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