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    Seed recommendations

    Hi all. Gearing up for my first grow. Looking for autoflowering trippy type strain recommendations . Thanks!

    Welcome to the fourm Ingrid1900
    the first link I will give you is


      Any from Canada aware of any and all cautions for ordering online?


        True North Seed Bank is great for CDN orders. Great service


        • Canuck147
          Canuck147 commented
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          I've always preached "Buy your seeds in the country one lives in" = less stress.

        • MDR
          MDR commented
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          For Canadian Residents

          Can you import cannabis seeds into Canada?
          - Not legally

          Can you purchase cannabis seed in Canada from a dispensary in Canada?
          - Yes, but not legally

          Is there any way to legally purchase seeds in Canada?
          - Yes, but only through a Canadian Licensed Producer (LP)

        • JohnEmad
          JohnEmad commented
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          Ya MDR, that's the law and basically they give no choice but to obtain seeds from outside of the system even for the most devout, law abiding person who wants to grow their own cannabis. No choice isn't really a choice. The LP's don't have any to sell the last time I looked or was it only 2 strains available? Doesn't matter!
          And besides, I am sure the Gov is fully aware tons of weed is being grown by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.. All from seeds obtained by nefarious!

        Have you looked into Girl Scout Cookies?


        oops i didn't read the original post. here are Nirvana's autoflowering offerings. you won't be disappointed.

        the OG Kush should fulfill your needs, and is also easy peasy.
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          If you are looking for mind altering weed look into White LSD autos. They are pretty mind altering. I assume you want daytime smoke that will make you think alot?
          Do or do not. There is no try.


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