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    HYDRO Legal haze (no seeds)

    Where can I buy seeds legally in Michigan? It’s finally recreational use legal in the state of Michigan with residents able to grow 12 plants. The problem is where do I get legal seeds? I waited all this time to legally grow now the only way to do it is to get seeds from an illegal seed bank. Luckily I was able to get some clones for my first grow, but it’s finishing up now and I didn’t start new clones. I don’t want to have to search for clones every time I start a grow and I’m jealous of the selection everyone talks about on the forum.
    DWC hydroponic system 18”x36”x72” cabinet
    400w single ended hps (veg)
    7’l 3’w 7’h 600w single ended hps (bloom).
    Using advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A+B and sensi bloom A+B and orca microbes.
    1st grow OG 13 - 2nd grow Durban poison, Cinderella- 3rd currently bloom white fire og- 4th grow currently veg Bruce banner, gorilla glue- seeds on deck super lemon haze.

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