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1st indoor grow - perplexed?

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    1st indoor grow - perplexed?

    good morning my friends, i hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving(If your in the USA), so one of my two plants, that sprouted on Nov. 04, is having some issues, that have me stumped, so I'm hoping someone here has had similar issues. my light is on an 18/6 schedule, It comes on at 6pm, shuts down at noon. so this week, I'll check in on the plants, before work, at 5am, and the fans leaves will be droopy. at that point, the light has been on about 11 hours. then about 8pm i'l go look again, the light has been on for 2 hours, and the leaves are all perky, and pointed up like normal. I'm using an LED light, so there's no heat. my thought is possibly the humidity. it's been cool, at night, so the heater comes on, and seems to dry out the air. this morning at 6am, the RH was 30% in my tent. any thoughts? one other interesting occurrence, yesterday, when I got up in the morning around 6am, the bottom two big fan leaves were pointing sideways???

    my girls usually get a bit droopy as they near the end of their daily light period...FWIW, sounds like normal behaviour to me (as long as there's no watering issue, of course)..good luck!


      thanks duckman. weird though, why its one one, not both. two different strains maybe?


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        johnb1963, they could easily be different long as they're otherwise healthy I wouldn't stress about the drooping if, as you say, it resolves itself...

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