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What methods can I do get the most out of SOLO CUP grow?

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    COCO COIR What methods can I do get the most out of SOLO CUP grow?

    Hello, so I pretty much am new to growing and want to absorb as much knowledge from many resources that I can. My ultimate goal is to grow in these SOLO CUPS inside and then go outside with bigger containers when the weather permits. Using coco coir/perlite, general hydro trio kit, ph down, and calmag. I have topped and started LST today. I have been cutting off leaves on the bottom to get more energy to help out other parts of the plants. Anybody have any useful info, tips, critique?

    @kIlL3rZd3LuX3 Your Plants look healthy, But, Imo, they should be transplanted before they become Root Bound.

    I see where you plan to move them Outside, but I don't think they can wait much longer before they ought to be Transplanted to a bigger pot. Just my 2 cents...
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    3'x3'x6' Cool Grow Tent and Large Wooden Cabinet
    3 and 5 Gallon Fabric Pots
    Coco Coir with 30% Perlite
    2-450 watt Vipar Spectra LEDs
    4" Exhaust with Vivosun Fan and Carbon Filter
    6" Oscilatting Fan
    GH Flora-Trio Nutes with Cal-Mag and GH Liquid Kool Bloom

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