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    SOIL Curing?

    Hiya. Hope you're all good. 2 quick questions please.
    1. How much longer from this stage should I expect to wait till cropping?
    2. Do you 'cure' your weed by leaving it in the dark for a couple of weeks, as I'm lead to believe this changes the chemical structure of the THC making it stronger. And if this is correct, do you leave your crop to dry first and then the dark or can you dry it in the dark and do two jobs at once?
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    If by cropping you mean harvest, then I say about 6 to 8 weeks. When you get to that point, come back to us and we talk about drying and curing. By reading question 2, I think you might got some wrong info.
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      I agree. Still got a couple months it looks like. As far as curing, read this
      You dry and cure in dark. To cure you need airtight containers.


        Obviously not reading posted links.
        Good luck.
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          Does it have to be glass jars? My mate who first mentioned it to me a few years ago used to use plastic tupperware tubs


            I dont like plastic, it has a charge to it that attracts particles such as trichomes,,, I use glass!


              Like so many handed down traditions, there are tried and true methods and “ it came out ok” methods. Glass is inert,Imparts no aromas or chemical leaching of it’s own, provides a secure, air tight storage. Start saving glass bottles and lids or pick up a few mason jars. When you stack all of the odds in your favor, you can focus on the more critical events that help you produce a great product. How you stored your product is no longer a question of its’ outcome quality


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