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Pre-soaked coco sitting for days

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    COCO COIR Pre-soaked coco sitting for days

    Hi soaked a brick of coco in some mild nute ph'd water I'd say about a week ago and it has been sitting in a big tote. Today I started loading into various air pots and plan to transfer 8 seedlings. My question is: did I screw up the ph of the coco by letting it sit uncovered for a few days? Anything else I should worry about? Doesn't smell or look moldy or anything.

    If I did screw up the ph, should I plan to flush it all out with fresh ph water prior to transplanting seedlings or can I transplant and just give it a heavy water of plain ph water first time around?

    Thanks in advance
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    i do my own coco washing, the ph is never an issue because you check and control the ph tru waterings, the real issue is the lack of oxygen, water sitting for a week its very low on oxygen but a flush with phed nutrient water is all you need to do after you transplanted into that coco, for the next time, just rinse with fresh water after the soaking and before transplanting


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      i wash 500 liters of coco every month so if you want a step by step i can help you

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      Thanks for your help.

      I would be interested in coco washing process. Basically (and separate from this issue) I have two bricks worth of leftover from my last grow that I want to wash/save. Is it really as simple as just flushing with plain water for a fair bit of time using a strainer so you.get rid of salts and dust but keep the fibre... and then let it dry?

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      never actually tried reusing the coco, i buy a very natural coco that needs to be soaked and washed before using, and i discard it once i harvest.
      one thing i can tell you is the coco i use holds no salts whatsoever, i get deficiencies if it rains a few days in a row, my plants need nutrients every watering. if i were you id give them a simple wash/flush with tap water before using it and thats it, if you were to notice any negative effects then you try something else. i basically do two 24 hours soaks, only tap water (i have very hard water), and its important to discard the water and let the coco drain a bit after every soak, then i let it rest until i use it, after transplanting i do a flush with tap water until i see there is no more color in the runoff water, the coco starts very redish and ends up brown, once the coco is no longer loosing color it means its ready to use. hope this helps

    I pre soak my coco with a ph'd cal mag solution and let it sit a couple days in the pot before planting. I guess it depends on how much water there was but as long as you ph when you transplant you should be fine. Just be on the look out for flying insects around the coco as fungus gnats love them some coco with nutes for laying eggs


      Many great articles on coco here at GWE.
      I also found this site set up purely for growing cannabis in coco.

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