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Would these work??

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    Would these work??

    Says it’s for photography, but they’re 6500k. Would these work for growing??
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    no idea but iv seen some pretty decent buds grown under those too. kinda makes me want to try a small insulated box grow with one Auto using these lights alone. Just have to figure out how to set up 4 sockets in the box..
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    Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
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      What you dont tell us is what is the real wattage? CFLs will work, that temp works best for veg, they are certainly not the best choice to grow under,,,

      homegrown I picked up "Y" adapters at lowes for cheap, screw 2 into 1 and you have a 4 way,,,


      • Greenlivin
        Greenlivin commented
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        Actual wattage is 45w. I’m growing with 6 23w CFLs right now and it’s working out ok. Just curious about something stronger that would fit in the same socket.

      Howdy Greenlivin, I have only used 55 watt (250 watt equivalent) CFL spiral bulbs for my grows. I use both 2700° K and 5000° K (50/50 mix) blubs and this gives Me good results without the high cost (both in electric use, initial cost, and heat generation) associated with other forms of lighting.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        Hi, I have used these bulbs in the germination and veg stages with great success. great on the electrickery. if you are in a cooler climate, overall tent or room temp may need a boost.

        they may use those bulbs in food photography due to the low heat and the ability to move light closer to product.

        these bulbs have nearly gone completely out of fashion in my part of the world due to LEDs. CFL's dominated the shelves, kicking out the incandescent, now LED is all that is available but incandescent are lingering.
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