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Re-use of supersoil

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    Re-use of supersoil

    Nice to nearly ignore feeding schedules and nutrient mixing. However, once the plant has grown (7 gallon bag) and you’ve cut the stem , you’re left with a root structure so dense, that “ insert your knuckle to determine dryness of the plant” is near impossible. Breaking the root ball out of the bag requires all kinds of manipulation. When you shake it all out onto a tarp, how reusable is the mix left behind. Can you re-charge successfully with some of the products sold for that purpose? Is it better to add new supersoil on the bottom of the bag and mix the old soil on top? Or, toss the entire lot into an outdoor garden and start fre$h with all new mixe$.

    has anyone successfully re-grown comparatively equal plants from re-used or exhausted soils? Is there a way to determine the levels of soil “exhaustion”?

    FYI: for anyone who has pulled a plant out of a 5 gallon DWC and pulled out 5 gallons of roots, the soils roots I refer to are no different other than water fills the air space in DWC

    I mix my own organic soil, and I reuse it with some fresh additives such as blood meal bone meal etc.,,, just picked up a leaf shredder to make more leaf much! I dont have any idea about commercial products,,,


      Got the drum roller composter working nicely... got the coffee out and it’s looking fairly decent. Never did this before so if it works well, I’m happy. If not, I can turn it into the garden for spring. I was going to make my own but I am told it still needs 60-90 days to “cook”. Given that, it could be near an entire growing season from day 1 before being ready for use?

      at the time.. it seems easy to zip open a bag, absorb the fragrance of nature (pu) and start growing so that’s was a simple thing. But in trying to economize versus just buying over and over, I want to make this work. Even the cherry tomatoes grew beyond expected yield. Green peppers, spaghetti squash all were remarkable. So any thoughts on getting it done right are appreciated.
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        I will confess that I dont always let it cook, but I use stuff that is rotted/decayed/composted already. Chicken poo must be aged,, rabbit poo not so much.
        I would also say take a sample to your local ag center and tell them that you want to grow Hemp (federally legal and Ag centers are fed backed) and see what they say it needs. This may cost up to $20 or so depending on how much testing. My soil has so much organic mater I had to do the more costly test, to be told what I already new, the soil needs sulfur! I new it would need sulfur as I have been adding that for years!
        As fall sat in I gave my brother some clones which he put in his soil, composting leaf mater. I told him it may be lacking, but he did good. He uses this same stuff to make a tea to water with,,,


          Hmm, we happened to have a huge agricultural testing lab and growing fields (vegetables) by a university nearby but it seems like I wouldn’t go and tell them Hemp, despite its “acceptance”. At least currently. I have looked up too many soil recipes and like everything else...plenty of “opinions” and many with very little substance.

          i calculated the recipe listed on gwe made from all kinds of Amazon available materials..$460 +/-. While it makes about 2 yds, it’s not cost effective, so far


          • BillyKidd
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            Have you found any soil recipes on your searches for long term vegging? You know like for scrog setups?
            If so I sure would be interested to see some of those if you don't mind sharing the info.

          • Farmall
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            No not yet, but I’ll keep looking

          Farmall yeah you can reuse it, if you keep it recharged.
          Your soil is the most important thing, keep it alive, just like your doing.
          In my soil ,all i add is fish, dolomite, but our soil is already very fertle, when you dig it up, plenty of red wigglers in every shovelfull, then all we use are worm-molasses teas.
          You are doing great, ole bud, just keep your soil alive, and you will have some sweet,potent, very flavorful MJane.
          Organic, living soil is the only way to go, but that's just my opinion.
          Cfls for a week or two
          315lec for everything else
          Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
          36x36x63 inch tent.
          6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
          Smart pots


          • D.A.A.S.69
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            SoOrbudgal I sure like looking an reading your posts, I been in the woods the last couple of weeks, but I remember seeing where you ask me something about HLG lights, I think it was, but I can't remember where it was, to try to answer you.
            We got good friends that live in a place called Bend,Ore. I think she said it was a college town, but they love it way over there,anyway, they were from Florida, all their lives.

          Re amend that’s all go to and read


          • Farmall
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            Cali. Thanks...some good stuff there

          Farmall no problem. I always go there for recipes or just to read the blogs and watch the videos. Really good info for sure. KIS organics is another good one some things are more convenient to buy there.


          • Farmall
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            Doing maintenance tonight...😱

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