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dying plant and pollen storage

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    SOIL dying plant and pollen storage

    Got a room for the male plants. One is leaning over like the leaning tower of Piazza. Guessing due to a lack of enough light in the room. Tried watering but still it is dying and drooping. Thinking to cut that plant down in segments and make some infused coconut oil from the parts. Not sure what else to do with it.

    Some of these guys are releasing pollen. Any advice on pollen storage? How long can it stay viable? Thinking to put some in small vials then in the freezer or fridge. Been painting some fresh pollen on a few lower stems flowers but hesitant to keep doing that. Dont want the fan in the tent kicking pollen to all of the other flowers.

    Speaking of flowers going to have to top a couple plants which are growing into the lights. 4 weeks into flower. Mostly still white pistils. Any potency for smoke or edibles? May just try to clone them in the male rooms to get some seed producing flowers going. But cloning seems a bit tricky.

    If it was me and I had a second room with a male in it I would kill the male and move over a female plant of two from the crowded tent. You can keep pollen in the refrigerator or freeze for sometime. There can be some resin on a male but not that much to real mess with individually.
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      Thanks for the tip. Will get to chopping. Hesitant to move any of the females over because the male room is not climate or humidity controlled. Rh in there has been 80 percent and it gets a little chilly in there. Kind of surprised the other males are doing so well. Gathering pollen seems to be a bit tricky for me. Trying to get some suitable containers for long term storage. Got a few glass dishes and such but nothing with an air tight lid. Had gathered some pollen nodes and put them in a mason jar. But it started growing mold. Trying to just get the pollen only now. Thinking to move some of the female lower stem clippings into the male room after removing the dying one. For cloning purposes. Thanks again for the tips

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