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Light schedule for flower!

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    HELP! Light schedule for flower!

    Sorry, Help! seems a little I have switched over to 12/12. but my lights are on during the day..i want to switch it so lights are on at night. Do i have to increase an hour on my timer for 12 days or is their an easier way to do this... im a little stoned so i dont even know if iv explained this right... haha.
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice fishing hut
    2 Viperspectra 600 LED
    45w Root Farm Grow Light
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    4" Vivosun fan/filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
    General Hydroponics Flora Series
    Lost Coast Plant Therapy(WPM, Thrips,Mites,Aphids etc)

    Current Grow
    2 Sex Bud photos-tent
    1 King Tut photo-tent
    1 Crystal Candy photo-tent
    3 Budmail bag seed fem photos(unknown strains)-tent
    13 Purple Ayahuasca fem photo seeds(Barneys Farm)-outdoor
    4 AK-47 clones-outdoor


    Lol i got ya. I did this for the summer. Had the lights on at night because of the heat and switched to daytime when it started to cool. What i did was i had one tent in flower and was switching the other to flower so the lights normally came on at 9pm and went off at 9am. The days i made the switch, when the lights went off at 9am i left them off 24 hrs and turned them on at 9am the next day. Yeah i lost a day of light, but i didnt want to have to deal with 1 hr changes daily for a week or two. The plants didnt seem to mind. Had one tent halfway through flower. Now if it were close to harvest i would have waited until after harvest to do the switch.


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      Agreed, roll the dark 24hrs.

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