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Small Closet growing. Hydro or Auto?

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    Small Closet growing. Hydro or Auto?

    Hi there,
    I'm planning to get a little homegrow going in my closet.
    My closet is about 1,2m wide ; 2,1m height but sadly just 0,5m in depth. I did a little bit of research so far and i feel like going for a hydoponic sytem like the one Nebula & Sirius build with the Wonderwoman and the Black Jack Strains would suit best for my purposes. Since im still a newbie to growing I just wanted to ask some more experienced growers, what they think would be the best and highest yielding method for the amount of space that i have. I thought it would be good to go with like 2 high growing plants instead of f.e 8 autoflowering ones, since those dont use the space i got in hight at all.
    Can i even get a setup like the metioned one going in that space? The tutorial tells i need a minimum of 1x1m
    ​I also thought about seperating the closet in 2 stories and get small autos in there.
    Is it realistic to expect between 50-100g yield per month in that closet and with a little experience? As i said.
    Imma newbie and thankfull for any advice

    Sounds like a great space (narrower than a 2x4x7 grow tent)

    What is your res (5 gallon pails, or larger totes, like the tutorial)?
    You can easily get 4 pails in that space, can get a little tight when you flip to flower (I use pails)

    to harvest any quantity on a monthly basis:
    means you have to have a second space (veg tent) set up, so you can get girls mature enough to put into flower, so you can maintain the cycle of harvesting 1 plant per month

    things to consider about your closet
    Are you able to make modifications? Ie ventilation
    air pump(s)
    environment is a big factor to your success (fresh air, exhaust, humidity)

    hehe, welcome to the party 🎈


      Wow, thanks for the quick reply
      The modifications should all be doable since the closet is in the wall & directly next to the chimney flue. So 2 short holes can connect it with it and get fresh air in and hot air out and i can stand another shelf infront of it to make it a nice undercover grow room I also thought about getting a small grow tent to mature the plant too.
      But, I dont really intend to harvest monthly. I meant it like if i get 500 in 5 months, that would be 100 per month.
      I havent bought any equipment so far since im waiting for my christmas bonus
      What do you think would get me the biggest yield?
      Going for 2 or for 4 plants? I read that plants up to 1m height need around 0,5m radius to grow with their "full potential". Are there any strains that tend to grow high and not so wide? Or do they do that by nature if they stand closer to another and still get enogh co2 and air?
      Can i maybe tie the plants a little to get the growing in the direction i want? ^^


      • LurkingInTheGrass
        LurkingInTheGrass commented
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        Yes, 500g in 5 months is doable, might not be the first or second run

        You could start them, veg them for 2ish months, then flip to flower for another 2ish months

        Big yields
        A couple of factors at play here

        Some plants just don't grow more than 2 feet tall.
        But, just by planting 4, you should get more than if planted only 3.
        However, 1 well trained plant can beat those 4

        Waiting on Christmas bonus, is perfect
        Gives you plenty of time to read, read, read the GWE guides/site.
        Research the high yielding strain that meets your specific requirements (medical or recreational)

      • Tersky
        Tersky commented
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        While 500g is "doable" i'd count on half of that and maybe after a couple years of growing under your belt. Only way you can get those numbers is if you have top of the line equipment, have a perfect environment and know what you are doing. I didnt get over an ounce a plant at harvest until my second year of growing.

        Also you said you want a plant to grow high and not wide? Why? Most lights only have usable light about a foot or two from the canopy. The idea with indoor growing is to grow short and wide to get more budsites in that usable light and strip everything below that would not get enough light. Only outdoors do you want a tall plant.

        Not trying to be a downer but i keep seeing new growers who expect to be able to pull professional yield and I just want them to know that it takes time and experience to do so. Im no pro but i've been doing this a few years and while my yields are a lot better, im nowhere near that amount per harvest.

      I thought about goin for the same res then they did§in the tutorial. So i would fit 2 big plants in there. But i might look to get the biggest pails possible to still fit 4 in there, then get 2 going like in the tutorial, while matureing the next generation and putting it in as soon as it is ready to go with the same light. At that point the just matured ones should still be quite small and dont take to much space of the 2 allready in there before really flowering. About 1 month later harvest the big ones, then repeat circle. Does that sound like agood plan? ^^


      • LurkingInTheGrass
        LurkingInTheGrass commented
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        If I may suggest

        Keep your first run small and simple so you can get a feel for the grow
        My first run, I started 8, but only finished 4 (noob errors, learning curve, etc.)

        5 gallon pails can make big plants - I had one plant in a 2x4x4 bush - to get there, she vegged for almost 8 months
        You can also run in 3 gallon pails (smaller res, smaller plant) and pull the kind of weight you are aiming for

        Run 2 or 3 plants, in 5 gallon pails.
        Wait a couple of runs before trying the totes (totes are just bigger pots, allowing for bigger root balls, allowing for bigger plants, uses more resources, when you are just starting

        Another thing about the size of your res
        3gallon pails require daily attention (sometimes more in flower)
        5gallon pails every other day in veg, daily in flower
        +5gallon totes - I havent gone bigger, yet and expect you could go away for a long weekend in veg, and every other day in flower

        Once your hooked on the grow, you will find yourself checking regularly anyway 😁

      I started in an 18x28x60 inch cabinet. I have grown 2 at once in it but it was a lot of trouble. Using hydro in 5 gallon buckets .I have the advantage of a separate space for vegging. You're going to be hard pressed to do 30 grams per month. I've been growing 6 years now and I use about 30 grams a month. Its close sometimes. I'm new to auto's (grown 6 of them) but so far I'm thinking photo's are better in most respects and the time savings on auto's is virtually non-existent especially if you clone the photo's. You are going to love it !! Have a great grow !!
      Focus and relativity.


      • SoOrbudgal
        SoOrbudgal commented
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        I gotta agree with you Eliot about photo vs auto, I need more experience with growing autos i'm not impressed yet gotta get more practice for sure with indoor, i'm on my 5th indoor? Got 4 photos going now in 5gal.

      Well thanks to all of you,
      Can't reply to everything but I gathered a lot of usefull info here and got all my questions answered so far.
      Guess im going for 2 plants and 5 gallons on my first run then. I'm hyped af allready and lookin for different strains all the time.
      I'll keep you updated within the progress
      Thank you all :*


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