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Is it Nitrogen or Humidity issues

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    HELP! Is it Nitrogen or Humidity issues

    Hi guys I need some serious help. I did my first batch of clones on the 30th September from some awesome mothers. My plants aren't thriving and have had yellowing to white leaves they also seem to be growing very slowly with sparse leaves. I supplement with the products pictured. I use 400w sodium lighting. My soil is a mix of Coco peat, bat guano, Perlite and organic potting soil.
    My biggest environment issue is my room temperature is between 90 to 95F my humidity is around 25 to 35% as I am in a very dry hot climate. I am continually spraying in the room and the plants to get the humidity up. Sometimes I can get it up around 45%. My PH I keep at around 6.2 to 6.5. I did a run through tonight with the product pictured below called Bio Kelp.
    Please any advice would be appreciated.

    Your problem is heat. You got to get the temp down to at least 80F. The humidity is fine. Mine never get higher then 40%. I live in the Northern Rockies, high dessert. Until you resolve the heat issue, there isn't much you can do.
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      What type of ventilation do you have?

    • Udgie
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      If you have a look at the picture of my grow area that is the air intake pipe and i have above that my extractor. Plus 2 standard fans and a small humidifier.

    • kingfish
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      You need to find a way to get the hot air out of you grow area.

    Those temps are killer.
    1. DWC- 5 gal buckets
    400w MH/HPS
    6in inline fan and 6in exhaust fan
    Inside: golden goat, pink kush and an unknown

    2. DWC-5gal buckets
    will be used for auto flower and vegging


      Up your RH at least 50% in veg.
      temp 70 - 80*F
      I would up your nutrition alittle. Half strength or so. If they remain yellow after a couple of days the next feed do one extra full strength. 🤷🏻‍♂️ My opinion. Get fresh air in there somehow. Vent the used air out as well. Very important.

      goodluck, dude.


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