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    COCO COIR Transplant help

    So the soil I decided to start with ended up being pretty crappy. I have some cocoa coir on the way, and I’m wondering if there’s any tips when it comes to transplanting from soil to cocoa?

    Hi Greenlivin,

    Hydrate and Rinse the coco if neeelded, add perlite if needed, set up your pot, water your old pot and your new pot at the same time, wait at least 8 hrs! I do it the next day. Move the plant over, add cooo and water around the pot were the new meets the old.


      Thanks for all of your help on my threads! So my big concern is that I’m going from a 3gal fabric pot, to another 3gal fabric pot. I literally transplanted it today to the current pot and hated the soil. It’s like mud. 😰Do I try to knock out all of the soil on the roots before doing the cocoa?


      • Mr.furley
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        If you just watered it today then move it tomarrow and "help" the new soil off the old gentle. Just be forewarned transplanting two days in a row can pull stress on he plant.

      Thanks Mr Furley! Luckily, she’s my healthiest so hopefully it doesn’t put too much stress on her. I just had two others finally rebound from a transplant. Took about a week.


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