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Is She Ready To Harvest?? (First Grow Need Help)

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    Is She Ready To Harvest?? (First Grow Need Help)

    So my Haze CBD Autoflower is 68 days old. I believe she is ready for harvest but unsure. Some of the tiny buds on the bottom stems are still not fully developed but the main colas look great. I have been flushing for 3 days. The trichomes on the sugar leaves are a majority amber, and the buds are mostly cloudy with a few amber here and there. I think Im going to flush for a couple more days as the leaves are not yellowing very much, Im just concered to let her grow for too long. Im not sure if thats even possible. Please let me know what you think!
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    In the beginning I might have thought these are ready and would have cut them down...But I have found a greater effect in 30% or more of amber trichomes. Subsequently, I wait longer despite the anxious time it may take to amber up more. Since your leaves are not yellowing and drying up, I’d think you can go another week or 10 days monitoring the development closely. Especially if sedation is your friend? My 2 cents


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      Yes to what Farmall is saying wait abit longer check the trichomes on the buds. Our family likes a more "laid back" high so I won't chop till we have 30% or more amber in trichs. Then when you are ready to cut and if the lower buds still are not ready you can take top ripe colas off and leave those little buds to fatten further. I do this all the time in my indoor tent grows. Just a thought...Good luck and nice grow she'll make you happy.

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