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    Bud washing

    First outdoor harvest.

    Going to chop tomorrow.
    One thing I still don't have down.
    Do I wash my buds or not.
    I always wash my home grown veggies (unless I peel them)

    I am certain that bugs, birds, frogs (yes i found a little peeper up high in the branches), have shit on my plants
    I have also used "Plant Therapy" insectide (maybe a month ago)
    To wash or not to wash (this will be strictly for edibles)

    I have seen numerous posts on this but can't find any that refer to cannabis used strictly for edibles.

    Cannabis capsules 4 all 💊

    First Grow Northern Lights

    "I will always be improving "(tinkering)"
    "Not all those who wander are lost"
    J. R. R. Tolkien

    Do you want bird poop in your edibles? I wouldnt. Did you spray the buds with insecticide? I hope not. I would wash, but i do indoor so i dont have to.


      definitely wash. i grew an outdoor plant and had all the typical issues with pests, and some white mold. i did a 4 step wash, 1) hydrogen proxide / water, 2) lemon jiuce/baking soda/water, 3&4)clean filtered water. net yield was 12.5oz. came out susper tasty, so clean and smooth. a must for all outdoor grows. FYI, I'm switching to indoors now.


        Did similar to johnb on my outdoor grow I just chopped a few weeks ago because of aphids. Felt weird dunking them in water but they dried fine. Did have a dehumidifier running though otherwise it was 70+ RH which worried me.
        2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
        6" inline fan w/ carbon filter (passive air intake)
        Two 6 fans in tent for airflow
        260w Niemi LED w/ LM301H


          I also was forced by aphids to wash. My plants came down super early so the potency was already going to be low. But, the little bit I've sampled is smooth.


            I have good experience with this. Flush wash and low n do help alot the end harvest. I got weed without and it looks awful dark, brown crapy.


              hey older, I have the same size tent and fan. haven't start a grow yet, but wanted to know how high do you run your fan. full speed, half speed? my fan is a 190cfm, the tent space is 54cf, so what i've read, seems like you want to double your cf, so i would need to turn over 108cfm, so should I run my at 60%. do you thing 2 to 1 is the right ratio?


                My only grow to date was the aphid infestation outdoors. I can say hundreds, if not much more, were sent through the wash so to speak. My samples so far, albeit a very young at harvest plant, have been uplifting as one would expect from young bud. But the taste and flavor is smooth and very tasty...just not as powerful as I'd expect with more time.

                To answer the cfm question directly...I truly do not know. HOWEVER, I did dry almost all of this grow for a week in the tent prior to jarring up the produce. I ran the fan at the lowest setting, had a 6-inch fan to circulate air and had a 6" round inlet open to the exhaust from a dehumidifier as well as a 6 x 14 opening on the opposite bottom. My wife has a better nose for these things and was shocked when I opened the tent and she saw all of the plant hanging there. She had no idea it was in the house.

                I would posit that you experiment a bit prior to the grow or very early...prior to big smells. Run it slow with ducts closed. Do the walls cave in a bit? If you open a vent do you feel suction? I use this as my base. If it can remove smell, circulate air and create negative pressure then we're good for now. When the plant(s) get taller and begin to be more aromatic then revisit the settings. Then I'd bump up the speeds only if it failed the smell test and monitor going forward.

                Keep it simple and don't suffer from paralysis by analysis as I usually do.


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