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Can I save this plant?

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    Can I save this plant?

    Hi! Just signed up because I need to know if I can save this lovely plant! I took her from my dad because she was dying. I have no idea what he was doing for her. The room I got the plant out of was reasonably cold and not well ventilated. I got some organic fertilizer with nutrients and repotted her. Waiting for a full spectrum LED and some ventilation fans in the mail. Right now just watering and have a UV light on her. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Hello Jillyisilly
    Well there is not much to save. This plant has flowered and looks like it ready to cut and dry, if you keep it going it will either reveg or degrad. So my best advice is to go ahead and cut the leafs off, clip the plant and dry it for a couple days, trim it up and put it in a jar to cure.
    if you do keep it going, turn off the uv light.
    I would suggest to do a little reading here
    order some new seeds we can help you with that here
    and start a proper grow
    if we can be anymore help just ask.
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      Yes i'd have to agree with Mr.furley Jillyisilly begin again as that plant is done. Sorry
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