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My Second Grow

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    My Second Grow

    I have two seeds sprouted.
    One is Kush and the other is Ayahuasca Purple.
    Growing both in Coco Coir and using Coco A&B nutrients.
    i have two CFL bulbs equalling 500W In a 80x80x100 tent (pretty small but not the smallest).
    In & our fans to circulate air.

    Date Started to see true leaves 4th October.

    Will update as the grow progresses.

    The pot with the apple sticker on it is Kush and the microscope sticker is the purple.

    Seeds Purchased from IceHeadShop
    (The Purple was a freebie)

    Good start Jamrasta.
    it can be real easy to overwater coco with no perlite, are you going to add some when you repot?


    • Jamrasta
      Jamrasta commented
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      Yeah going to add some when I put into larger pot.

      Also I moved the light up just to allow a decent photo.
      They did stretch a little to begin with but looking ok now

    • Greenlivin
      Greenlivin commented
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      I didn’t realize cocoa could be overwatered. How does the perlite help?

    • Mr.furley
      Mr.furley commented
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      Proper drainage and air flow. Roots like o2 and suffocate in standing water..

    Happy growing


      From approx week 2 through to week 5. (Photo happy I know)
      started low stress training.
      going to transplant to new bigger pots around 6-8 weeks and add perlite as advised.

      The purple Ayahuasca is already giving off a lovely smell from the leaves. Hope the buds from her taste as good as the plant smells !


        really nice beginnings. I grew three original amnezia, 12litre pots, in a tent the same size as yours. They produced 4.5 oz per plant! happy plants happy growing!


        • BlueberryGIrl
          BlueberryGIrl commented
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          sorry is that would have been 80x80x100 in centimetres.

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