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    Seed parasite?

    Hello GWE community. Just wondering if there are any parasites (or other bugs) that might invade a seed? I germinated an Amnesia Fast seed (from Seedsman) on September 18. This was done with 2 other seeds of different strain. 36 hours later, the other two look normal but the Amnesia Fast seed has only 3-4 mm of tap root but the first set of leaves are sprouted and green. I dismissed this and it appears to be growing at the same pace as the other two.

    Fast forward to last night, when I found 2 new-growth leaves that were kind of *stuck* together, like they were having trouble separating during development. I turned the leaf over and found a tiny bit of webbing. I used my little camara microscope to look at it and did not find anything living. There was a tiny black nub of a thing at one end. I looked over every leaf in my tent and did not find anything remotely out of the norm. (Incidently, previous posts about fungus gnats associated with my last grow and new soil...this soil is back to FoxFarm and no gnats!)

    So...just curious if there could have been something in the seed itself that caused the delay in development of the tap root. I am going to try to post pictures.

    Thanks anyone for input,

    Were they like "taco" together folded? Interesting Sandra it just could be a genetic freak?
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      sounds to me that the little "film" that covers the cotyledons got stuck at the tip and the leaves cannot separate, you can gently squeeze with your fingers at the tip and it will slide off, worst case scenario if you do nothing eventually new leaves will find its way out in between the two cotyledons and into the light


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        its just a wild guess, a picture would help a lot

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        I'd say you nailed it

      I dont know how common it it in cannabis seeds but i know from growing a few microgreens that seeds can have mold spores on them i think (of course i cant find the article right now). Some people suggest soaking seeds in a water/h2o2 solution to disinfect the seed. It also helps in germination by "scarring" the seed shell supposedly. It could be genetics or it could be mold or pests. Since you looked and couldnt find anything alive, im voting on genetics or maybe a little mold. I would keep an eye on it, inspect daily and thoroughly for a bit until you are convinced whatever it was has been resolved. Take note of any changes in the plant and in it's leaves. If you see something that concerns you check it against this link


        Thanks kind folks. Always helpful. The edges were definitely folded together which is why I didn't think much of it. I will continue to monitor my little *special* girl. I will try to get a picture on here.


          I have had entire bags of seeds killed by something, they did not grow at all! So yes some kind of parasite,,,
          I have used chlorine bleach and water to,, depends on who you believe,,, some say it stimulates the seed to grow, others say it only kills bacteria on the seed. Whatever I used it on 20 YO seed and got 100% germination.


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