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Autoflower problem????

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    Autoflower problem????

    1st grow, critical purple autoflower day 45 today from sprouting, looks healthy to me but I really dont know why no white pistils, fox farms happy frog, using fox farm trio nutes once a week every other feeding,could it be this cheap light I bought, didn't know to check actual watts, 600 w philzon, actual watts 108, 18 " distance, not really worried about yield just wanna get it to finish, then I can decide if I want to upgrade lighting or not, thanx for any comments or advice

    Question. Have you noticed any stretching that accompanies flowering? If the plant has already started to do it's flowering stretch then it is just taking some time to develop it's first pistols. I would give it a few more days. If it still has not gotten any pistols by day 60, i would guess that maybe the seed was mislabeled and you could try manually switching it to flower.


    • Vallen73
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      It's been on 12/12 about a week now, a streaching like crazy, not sure if I fully understood the time frame as it said 7- 11 week flowering time, I guess I will give to day 60 and see, i was just wondering if something could be wrong or am I getting impatient

    • Tersky
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      If it's autoflower it doesnt need to do 12/12. A lot of auto growers leave the lights on 24/7. I personally believe they need a few hrs a night to recover from high intensity lighting but i have no proof to back that up lol. It's hard to be patient i know! 7-11 wk flower is the time from when the first pistol show. Some strains take longer to show than others. I have a Blue og that took a week to show pistols and the 1024 that is in the tent with it took 2 weeks. I dont think you are doing anything wrong. If you are sure they are autos (which i dont see why you wouldn't be) then i would do an 18/6 light schedule as the less light it gets the less food it has to grow. With a photoperiod plant you are stuck with 12/12 for flowering but an auto has no such restriction. If you are still worried about it you can leave it at 12/12 as i dont think it will hurt, but you may have a slightly smaller harvest

      TL;DR It sometimes takes a bit so be patient. Its one of the hardest lessons i'm still trying to learn!

    • Rwise
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      It may be you have a photo plant and not an auto,,, if so then in 7-11 weeks (+2 weeks) you should have buds to pick. All of the autos I have done were in flower before week 5,,,

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