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    GWE classes

    NebulaHaze SiriusFourside Did you already start your "classes" on growing? If so I'd love to participate and have someone else who does too. I'm not new but believe I still have light years of learning to do.

    If they have started I'd love to participate.
    You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.

    Me to, id like to get in on one, now that im well.
    Farmall took one, I think.
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


      I could always learn more!


        I’d love to attend
        First grow
        2 northern lights auto,white widow photo,sour diesel photo,2 Bruce banner auto, 5 sweet tooth auto
        soil fox farms happy frog 30% perlite added
        2 sweet tooth autos in dwc
        4 greengo 1200w led
        general hydroponics flora trio nutes
        grow room 27’x7’ 8’ tall
        490cfm exhaust


          Those classes were 2 tons of information and 10 tons of camaraderie. Everyone attending each week was contributing their own experiences. The program covered things from start to finish and beyond. one night, we had an Australian time zone shift to accommodate those around the world who had to get up very early in the morning to meet on the weekend. Best part, if you turned on your camera, you could be on screen when you spoke and it would pop your screen name up as well ON TOP OF THAT, NebulaHaze and SiriusFourside provided a near 3 hour bonus class on making use of the finished product using LIVE DEMOS and a full blown around-the-world smoke session! It was awesome. And the course material remains available to the class until next June! . I would do it again in the blink of an eye.

          If they decide to do something like that again, I would highly recommend it. Whether you’re a well-seasoned expert or a novice you can enjoy the commonality as we do here only it has video and long lasting friendships


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            My understanding is that we may have a re-union of sorts...would be great to link up on line as a group again. When you listen to the other folks needs and wants out of the plants, it helps ME to realize so many more uses and benefits than I would have originally thought. Having learned new techniques I will say I have had good successes. And those two people NebulaHaze and SiriusFourside really really really went all out to insure excellent outcomes. I feel like its the MIT or Johns Hopkins Medical School of weed and I'm an alumni

          I'm eager to participate. I have some knowledge to add. Especially after this year of trying to grow legally in a state that has very limited rules. But I have so much to learn. And I have the ability to test things very few have. Soooooo let's get this on.
          You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


            Hey everyone! Thanks for asking about our online classes. We ran the first version of the class from May-June this year with 29 students and it went awesome! Every student who answered our survey said they would recommend it, and I absolutely loved every second. I know Sirius did, too. It's amazing to be able to talk live with fellow growers every week and watch everyone's plants grow.

            Summary of the online "Seed to Weed" grow course (for those who haven't heard of it):
            • 5 weeks of live video lessons (setup, gemination/seedlings, vegetative stage, flowering stage, harvest/dry/cure)
            • A bonus week about post-processing (hash, oil, edibles, smoking, vaping, etc)
            • Hand-picked reference materials to support each lesson
            • Weekly live video Q&A sessions with Sirius and me
            • Bonus "graduation party" where we made edibles, tinctures, oils and hash live on camera
            However, although we got great feedback, we also realized there were areas we needed to improve. I am refining each video lesson to be more concise, and I also want to ensure students can easily share and connect with each other. The goal is for the entire course to take as little time as possible while still giving you everything to make amazing buds from start to finish. You go through the process with your classmates and attend live weekly sessions with Sirius and me to get answers or feedback.

            We see these classes as a big part of the future of (in addition to creating/adding/updating the website and running the forum and free weekly newsletter). We've realized a lot of people want more of a class or "crash course" on how to grow. We've also learned that you love having a direct line to a grower for immediate answers and feedback.

            The long-term goal is to have these classes running all the time for anyone to take on a rolling basis, but we need more time for version 2. The first class was amazing, but the new version is going to be next level. I'm re-recording the lessons right now and I'm already excited about what we've created already.

            The tentative plan is to release "Seed to Weed 2.0" in early January soon after the holidays are over.


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              Looking forward to it

            • Farmall
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              Yippee !

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