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Auto's vs. Feminized

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    Auto's vs. Feminized

    Good morning! I'm just now starting to plan out my next grow. I'll be using coco (for the first time) in 7.5 gal cloth. Am I correct to believe that auto's start flower "when they want " and the feminized seeds start when "I tell them to" (change the lighting) ? If so, is there anything else that I should know about feminized seeds. Btw, this is an INDOOR grow.

    Also my seed choices are Cheese, Blue venom and Gorilla Glue. I like the idea of Gorilla glue due to the reputation of what I've heard is a higher yield but I'm also concerned because it can get tall and my space is a closet for now.

    Thanks in advance

    You are correct! How much height will you have in your closet and how strong is the light?


      Duane, you’ve almost got it right. It’s “auto” vs “photo”, not feminized. Both autos and photos can be feminized. It just means the seed is guaranteed (for the most part) to produce a female.
      Autos transition to flower when they feel like it. Photos require you setting their light schedule to 12/12.
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        The closet is 81/2 feet wide, 22" deep and 10 feet high. I have grown auto's before and my lighting for them has been 400w MH for veg and 400w HPS for flower. I've only grown one plant at a time...I tried 2 once but neither plant did well


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          That sounds like a nice sized area to get a full feminized plant going. Could get some decent yield in the 7.5.

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