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In need of weed advice

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    In need of weed advice

    Hello all,
    This summer I have decided to give growing buds a go for the first time, I germinated my seeds on the 12th of July. The seeds are Critical kush seeds from Royal queen seeds. The photos I have attached have both been taken recently. I just have a few questions as I have no experience with growing, any feedback would be much appreciated.

    I am getting worried as summer is coming to an end in the uk and temperatures are dropping and my plants haven’t started to flower yet, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if they are near to flowering or how I can tell. Also wether or not my plants are in good shape as they have taken some beatings from bad weather.

    Thank you
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    Are they getting at least 12 hrs of darkness? Im not familiar with how long the days are where you are. Also make sure no lights are hitting her at night. They usually start to flower after about a week or so of the 12/12 schedule. If it is not getting enough dark then it will not flower. If it is, then im not really sure whats going on lol.


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