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    HYDRO beneficial bacteria

    I see how bacteria is so important to our plants,but being a dyed in the wool penny pincher I am trying to find out if bennies for ponds would do just as well ?
    I'm sure that their is somebody that can save me the research. I'm not sure if there are specific strains for each application. the price difference between something like voodoo juice which works awesome. the price of bacteria for ponds and water treatments is about 75% cheaper!!
    any thoughts..
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    Howdy keepgrowing56, A hydroponic system and a pond's system are totally different. I do not use any beneficial bacterium in my hydroponic system because One can not use any disinfectants, like H2O2 or other antibacterial, because they will kill off the beneficial ones. Keeping the water well oxygenated and blocking out all light leaks works best, in my opinion and is, over all, less expensive.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      Editing a comment
      thanks for getting back to me. I have already made the move to bacteria route,the reason being that I made a bite of a mistake in not cleaning my hydroton well enough and was expieriencing ph drop instead of a slow rise in ph.the , plants look awesome so im sure that I don't have root problem yet I just want to kleen up my problem a little cheaper bugs

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