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Help! First Time Grower.

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    Help! First Time Grower.

    I'm new to growing. These two are my first two plants. The first one, bushier, has been in a pot for about a month and half or so. I started it using the paper towel method. The second with the bigger leaves is about a week and half old, and I started it directly in soil. Both get watered every 4 days or so if the soil is dry, and both have spent their entire lives outdoors in the sun unless I know it's going to downpour.

    So my question is about the growth of the first plant. It seems alive and well. Doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with it at all. It just... Stopped growing . I assume from what I've read that it's fine and save able. I gave it some fert twice now over the past few weeks. I'm just not sure what to do at this point. Now that it's September it's going to start getting colder at night. 55-60°F. I don't want to leave them out.

    Are they autos? The first is in flower, how many hours light? Unless the first is a photo period plant and can be reveged, it is spent.


      They won't grow without the proper nutes:
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        It looks like some flowering and re-veging has been going on on that first plant. are they getting 18hrs of direct light a day every day? once they get to around 12 hrs or less photo's will flip to flowering. When you bring them inside when it rains do you put them under grow lights to make sure they get the light they need?


          Yes, they are both auto's. 13-14 hours of light. They are out doors the majority of the time unless it's going to rain.

          ​​​​​​When indoors I have put them in direct view of the sky to keep the same light as normal.


            Looks to me like you stunted that first one - must have caused it some kind of stress along the way - the second looks okay.
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              You may have overpotted, causing under watering, that would explain the dwarfism. Looks like you have a good growing medium. Did you start your seeds in plugs or jiffy pellets or anything? Being 6 weeks old those plants should be much larger.
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