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    Black ash

    I have a friend who grows indoors. The buds taste harsh and produce a hard, black ash that looks like tiny pieces of charcoal. He said that he does not flush the plants before harvest. Could this be the problem?

    I’ve heard as much, but have no proof to back it up. I run super soil, so I don’t flush. No nutrients to flush. My ash is usually all the colors. White, gray, and black. Very feathery, silky, and airy.
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      Curious what other people experience. I did a 10 day flush in soil my last grow and plan on at least the same for current grow. The taste and smell are great on mine and ash is white. Edit - using GH nutrients
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        no, that has to do with how it burns, how dry is it (some times its not evenly dried) and how well grinded it it


          Bud, if buds are harsh, it's mostlikely either lack of a proper cure or too many salts present. One technique is to start lowering the amount of nutes given to the plant towards the end of flowering. But I would think that if someone is still giving lots of nutes at the end and doesn't give a good flush, that's definitely going to affect the flavor etc.

          A proper cure also makes the bud much smoother.
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