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    HELP! Wild Weed

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ID:	335659 Hi ! I live in an Asian country mostly with warmer temperatures above 30' Celsius. There is wild weed growing all over the place near my home with both male and female plants, growing almost 5 to 6 feet tall. Now the female plants are producing seeds at their joints but NO BUDS and the seeds are also smaller in size as compare to what I have seen online. I have two questions :_
    1- Why the wild female cannabis plant is not producing buds although it looks very healthy , will it ever produce buds? maybe in the colder nights of october or november? Or it will just produce seeds and die?
    2- If I take a few seeds of wild cannabis and plant them in door and take good care and provide all the required nutrients will the plant produce buds? If it will produce buds will the plants have a decent amount of THC in them? As I'll be taking good care and providing all the supplements.
    Please answer both of my questions. Thanks
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    First welcome to GWE
    Can you post some pics of them? They may need feed or may be genetic anomaly. Maybe pull the males to stop the seed, and get some flowers.
    Take some at harvest and if you like it then try to grow it better, if its rag weed pull it all and replace it,,,,
    The days grow short here, and as they do the girls flower, good luck!
    There is wild weed near me and if I could walk in I would get some for the seed.


    • Taimour
      Taimour commented
      Editing a comment
      I have posted the pictures please take a look.

    Or maybe the weed that grows wild and that grown in controlled environment are two separate types of weed? Can someone tell?


      There are land races and hybrids, land races are very old and have not changed, hybrids are what we make from crossing them. Man has cultivated weed for some 50,000 years


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