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1000w led light distance

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    HELP! 1000w led light distance

    Hey.. Im starting with some new seedlings in a few days, and I have a 1000w led light, whats the best distance to not stress the plants? I only have 2 lights and both are 1000w, and I saw that most people start with a lower light..

    I grow my seedling in full sun outside.


      And it's okay to light them with 1000w led from the beginning?


        I might suggest using 1-2 23watt 6500k cfl bulbs hanging over the tops for 2-3 weeks to start the plant then switch. The plants as I know it will start off more squat and compact. They are rather cheap, low energy and a simple fixture can support as many as 6 of them. They can hang within 3” of the top of the plants. Click image for larger version

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          I tried using 600watts of led and the seedlings grew poorly. If you’re planning to do it, start around 24” and adjust accordingly. Watch for signs of leaf burn or lanky tall spindly growth. And what the hell, whatever works for you is the way to go... we all seem to get different results

        I set my 1000wts marshydro around 12 to 18 inches away from them at all times.. growing a treat . .


          Heres proof . 12-18 inch they grow like weeds :-)
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            Ok I'll start with 20 to 24in from the plant and see how they' ll behave, thanks for the help


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