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    HELP! Pls help

    Is it true growing autos indoors produces small yields?? I’ve got two Sativas 75% and 25% Indica, ones at 13 weeks and the other is 11 weeks and I’ve just found out that Sativas take longer to grow??
    the oldest started to flower on its 9th week and still looking like it’s got ages to go??
    what do you lot think??

    My autos have all started to flower at 3-4 weeks old, even under stress. The Himalaya Blue Diesel took 130 days to finish, 10 days over its projected time.
    Dont give them caffeine!
    With good lights and growing skills, they do great indoor, some might say they are intended for indoor
    Pictures help as does details of your grow, strain, soil/hydro, lights, feeding, watering, etc. temps, RH, etc. .
    Geo data is removed from pics uploaded here.


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      s62 commented
      Editing a comment
      That’s good to know, Rwise. I’ve also made sure to strip EXIF data from my pics, but it’s nice to know there’s some anonymity server-side.

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