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Humboldt Fem Green Crck from Seed

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    Humboldt Fem Green Crck from Seed

    This girl should be ready in time to provide some Christmas stocking stuffers. Wish me luck.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190828_201038[1].jpg
Views:	15
Size:	2.00 MB
ID:	333366
    Space 1: 3ft x 3ft T-Tek tent
    400W HPS Mag Ballast
    GH Floro - DWC
    Current grow - Humboldt Fem Green Crck from seed
    - TGA GSC x Space Dude clones

    Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
    IponicZone 400/600/1000W dimmable HPS E-Ballast
    Supplemented with California Lightworks Solar System 275 with spectrum control
    GH Maxi Series-DWC
    Current grow - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream from seed
    - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
    - TGA GSC x Space Dude from reg seed in dirt, G.O. Box nutes

    Good luck HappyDaze


      There ya go, HD, got your lil gal goin in her upside down rapid rooter!! I've had great results with Humboldt seeds.
      I'm subbed.
      Why yes, I was high when I wrote this.

      Growing since July 21, 2016
      2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs,
      Future Harvest nutes
      Box1: 2x Shiva Skunk (Sensi), 1 Blue OG (G13 Labs)
      Box2: 1 Kosher Kush (GoG): 27%THC, 7%CBD; 1 Kush n Cookies CBD (GoG) THC 21%, CBD 19%; 1 Blue OG


        Yep i'm in want to see the grow. Good luck
        Be nice Be humble Smoke Ganja create Peace

        Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
        indoor/outdoor grower
        1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 450 viparspectar
        1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector- viparspectar 450 veg. light only


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