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    HELP! Spider mites

    Okay, so this is a question I should have asked before doing it, but now I am seeking some reassurance that I have not completely screwed up my plant. I have a 2' X 4' x 6' grow tent in which I was cultivating 4 plants; one indica and three sativa. I was having a problem with just one, the indica, that from the pics on this site I determined were spider mites (was there a reason that they only attacked the indica and not the sativa?). I have a loupe and could see those tiny critters just sucking the life out of my plant. The solution I read was to spray the plant with Spinosad. So I had this epiphany to mix enough solution in a 5 gallon bucket and dip the plant for complete coverage. After this bold move, I now need to know if I f'ed-up my plant.

    Thanks for any positive answers. I will reluctantly read any negative ones as well. Also, why did they only attack the indica?

    I have no idea if that's a good idea or not but I like the way you think and would like to stub in for future reference. good luck.


      Maybe just pull her out and praise the powers that be it was not the three Sativas they liked better?


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