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    Harvest and the right time

    This my top cola is heavy and stinks like skunk.

    Originally posted by Sww View Post
    This my top cola is heavy and stinks like skunk.
    Not the measure ready the smell skunk


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      I get it great stinky time of season. A few mornings ago Sww I was letting one of our dogs out early morning 0430 dark out, we are walking around the side yard scared the crap out of me and dog started growling skunk growled and ran his way we turn and ran opposite direction. We got lucky, did not spray it's the worst stink getting hit real close OMG

    Doesn't look ready to me, still many white pistols.. but best way is to know about how long the specific strain is supposed to flower for. When it gets into the last week, start looking at the trichomes; that's your best gauge.

    (That said, I just finished my first grow in about 15 years, so I'm still learning too)


      She phat!!!!
      Why yes, I was high when I wrote this.

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