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Odor issues...gett'n kinda stinky

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    Odor issues...gett'n kinda stinky

    Hey all, the girls are starting to stank the place up..and the way their all coming together, its gonna get really smelly soon. I only have a 4 in fan/charcoal filter combo but its not getting the job done. any suggestions if i need to clean a lot of air?. 4x6x6 tent...first time a bit carried away, might not do as many next grow. thanks for any ideas hg

    you could put a few ONA blocks out side the tent that may help a little .,,mac,


      Bigger filter, bigger fan, make sure you’ve got negative pressure in your tent.
      Gorilla 3x3
      LEC 315
      Kind Soil
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        S62 sums it up nicely. I have seen a 4x8 tent go concave when a 6” vent fan was activated

      Our family grows in a legal state, there for I and our neighbors get along very well and enjoy the flowering fragrance.


        Hehehe - sorry - but you did what I did. And probably half the growers reading this.
        Started out thinking of growing pounds in the beginning - started with too many plants for my space and learned about growing cannabis plants the hard way.
        We all think about smoking pot before the seed has ever germinated.
        There are strains that are not very smelly - some even smell sweet like pipe tobacco.

        Get a 6 inch fan, larger carbon filter.
        ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
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        Vortex in-line 6" fan

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        2 mystery seeds
        All autoflowers + Foliar Essence


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