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pinching off top of bud?

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    pinching off top of bud?

    Hey folks..anyone here ever pinch off the top of a bud to make it fatten up more? Had a buddy over that grows legal large quantity product...was impressed with my tent operation and reached down and pinched off the top of one of my white widow buds...and said, watch how that fattens up.. thought i might punch him in the face at the time, but i'll wait and see if it works...if not..i know where he lives..
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice fishing hut
    2 Viperspectra 600 LED
    Root Farm Grow Light-45w
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    Berger grow mix(peat moss,bark,perlite,vermiculite)-testing
    Canna Coco/perlite-testing
    Root Farm Nutes
    General Hydroponics Flora Series

    Grow #3- started..
    6 AK-47 clones...yikes
    2 GG#4 autos. 1 Hindu Kush auto. 1Quarter Pounder auto. 1 Cheese auto 1 Purple Auyuahasca bag seed.)

    LOL some certainly believe in topping,,,, now take another plant, bend her over and tie her down, watch what that does,,,, compare the 2 or 3,,,,


      I think you'll find some truth in what your buddy says. I accidentally took a chunk out of a top bud in my last grow, and sure enough the bud "bubbled" right out where the damage was done.
      I suspect you'll get a lightbulb shaped bud.
      "That's your fortress of fucking solitude. That puts you, for the rest of your life, at a level of fuck you. Somebody wants you to do something, fuck you. Boss pisses you off, fuck you! Own your house. Have a couple bucks in the bank. Don't drink"


        Yes. that is called topping. I do it to all my plants along with lst and sometimes manifolding. Check out this article

        EDIT: Oh i think you were referring to what 9fingerleafs commented. Ive never done that but i'd be interested to find out how it works!!!
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          yes you are talking about light addict's topping buds technique, you take a centimeter off the top of each cola around week 4 or 5 of flowering, ive done it and it definitely works for some strains, i had a phat indica with rock hard nugs that didnt show any difference but the rest of my plants did very well.


          • Tersky
            Tersky commented
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            Oh this is completely different from what i was talking about! Ive never done this! So does this work pretty good?

          • homegrown
            homegrown commented
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            Thanks 9fingerleafs, just read the article. Im gonna take some pics of this bud and monitor its progression the next couple of weeks. Glad the article showed pictures cause thats about the size my buddy pinched off one of my WW buds. kinda freaked me out ffs. If it works im gonna try it on one of my femAKs once the buds start to fatten. Guess i wont know till i try... homegrown

          • 9fingerleafs
            9fingerleafs commented
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            i guess it works pretty good for foxtaily alongated buds that keep stretching during flowering but i dont just do it to every plant

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