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Hygrometers for curing

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    Hygrometers for curing

    The little, round hygrometers in the mason there a particular brand or are they pretty much just same same? Appear to be very generic and price is all over the place. But are they "reasonably" accurate? Would a four pack spread among the jars give a fair average?
    Sadie Bagseed in a 5 gal pot of used MG soil
    dropped ~ 6/7/2019

    3' x 3' x 6' tent, 450w Viparspectra LED
    4" Fan and scrubber, 3 gal fabric pots
    and the usual auxiliary goodies
    Strains TBD...

    I didn't have luck with the cheap ones. They were all over the place even after I'd calibrate them. I've slowly been acquiring the nice Cigar Oasis ones which have worked really well for me.
    2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
    6" inline fan w/ carbon filter (passive air intake)
    Fan in tent for airflow
    260w Niemi LED w/ LM301H
    Fox Farm Ocean Soil
    Advanced Nutrients (3 'core' plus Big Bud, B-52, Overdrive)

    Current Grow (Outside):
    1x Nirvana Wonder Woman Fem
    1x Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem

    2x DP Strawberry Cough Fem
    1x Nirvana WW Fem
    1x Dark Star Fem


      I didn't like the hygrometers being in the mason jar. I ended up opening the jar every day during the cure (3-ish weeks) in a room where I knew he RH, for around 5 minutes. So they were more handy, for me, for double checking the RH in the room.

      Also those little packets of chemicals they use for cigars to set the RH sort of skeeve me out. No particular reason, I just conjured up a thought that they must be putting chemicals in my smoke even though I have zero scientific evidence. I have no clue how they work.


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